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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the means by which you can prepare your websites for being found and crawled by search engine spiders. Due to Google, which is by far the biggest and most popular search engine in the world, changing its search algorithm fairly frequently, SEO is continually moving its goalposts.

Responsive Websites

The biggest change in recent times was punishing websites that are not ‘responsive’ to the various size of screens on the huge amount of devices that are being used these days. Desktop PCs, Laptops, IPads, Tablets and Smartphones all have different screen sizes that a developer must take into account when building a website. Just like Internet Technology changes quickly and must be kept up with, SEO is the same. It’s not so easy now to cheat the system to get your website high on Googles first page, Google has got wise to all the ‘Black Hat’ tactics.


The best way to the top of Google listings is to have first of all, a good product that does exactly what it is supposed to, backed up by good internet marketing and a professional looking website that is fast loading and easy to navigate by the user.


Never ever get taken in by false promise emails that guarantee No.1 on Google, never buy any links or Facebook likes. If you do go down that road then beware that if Google catches your website out, you will wake up one morning and find your high flying Google listing has plummeted causing all enquiries to come to a grinding halt, along with your business on the Internet.

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